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There are 3 main issues for securing assets on a farm. The location of the assets, is there power nearby for the protective devices, and is there a internet connection to communicate sensor readings.

Those 3 issues prohibit the use of many of the traditional residential alarms systems like SimpliSafe, ADT and on the farm. The mainstream alarm intrusion systems were designed for residences in the city. The wireless technologies are best suited for close proximity of the sensors, sirens and control panel. On the farm a fuel tank could be over 100 feet away from the house. A grain bin could be 1/2 mile away. All distances that much to far for a home system.

On Sight 24/7 the leader in farm security products and integration now offers alarm systems for farms. Our sensors can be installed on large farms to help protect the farm assets. Not only can we install PIR sensors that detect activity, we can integrate alarm sensors with video surveillance.

Many systems like simply safe and are designed for homes and small businesses in town. On Sight now offers farm alarm