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There are 2 main types of farm cameras.  Stationary and PTZ (Pan, Tilt & Zoom) cameras.

Stationary Cameras are great for monitoring small areas.  If you want to monitor fuel, a driveway, grain bin or the entry to your house they are a very good solutions.

One of the problems of using a stationary cameras is that many farm are quite large, and to cover all the areas requires many cameras.  The installation and number of cameras make it quite expensive.  Having that many cameras can be difficult to maintain.

PTZ cameras are very good at covering very large areas on a farm.  Their ability to rotate 360 degrees and have a optical zoom make them a excellent choice for covering many areas from from one camera.

The downside to the camera is if a camera is on a patrol, it will move from area to area.  If something happens in a are while the camera is some where else, the event will not be recorded.

We recommend a solutions that has both.  A single PTZ camera to patrol all areas of concern, and a stationary camera to watch your most important assets areas.

farm camera types