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In order to pick the Right Camera For The Job, there are 4 things to consider for each asset area you want to monitor on your farm.

1. What do you want to watch?
2. Where would the camera need to be placed to have the best view?
3. Is there power at that location?
4. Is there clear line of site back to the house/internet source?

While picking the right camera for the job is important,  it is the first necessary step in a overall comprehensive farm security design.

Other Considerations after camera placement.

How much storage space do you need to get the number of days to review recordings?

How good of an internet connection do you have?

Do you a backup power supply?

How much light is available in the area?

Check out this link at about farm security.

Taking the time to plan out exactly what you need will ensure you have the video footage you need if a theft or vandalism even were to occur.  Proper planning does prevent poor performance.