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Poor Quality Cameras are everywhere on the internet

Issue: Ag based security camera providers

The cameras for sale that you see on the internet for farm security are not designed for agriculture use.  The cameras work quite well in town but are poor quality cameras out of the box.  What makes a good camera provider vs a bad provider is their ability to adapt the camera for agriculture.  They also understand that the camera systems will need proper system maintenance to function.

Typical providers prefer to sell systems up front and not worry about maintain the system.  Many will not answer or return a customers call.   We hear stories about poor support almost every week.  If a company sells inferior products in tough environments, they cannot afford to provide support.  Many will not take your call after the sale is complete.

How to identify a vendors of Poor Quality Cameras:

– Cameras that only have 1-2 year warranty.
– Provider does not have an office or store.
– They do not answer their phone
– No Google reviews
– No or infrequent Facebook presence

There is nothing worse than investing in Poor Quality Cameras and not getting the help to keep your system going.