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Top 5 Farm Security Guide for a Farm Security Camera Systems

There are hundreds if not 1000s of options for security cameras for farms. Box kits with 4,8, and 16 camera systems. Other manufacturers recommend cellular and solar single cameras install around the farm. This blog post is to help guide you toward the right tool for the needs for your farm.

1. Where do you want cameras?  Most farmers want to have a camera monitor the various assets on their farm. Tool shed, fuel tanks, grain bins and the house are the most popular locations for a camera placement

2. How spread out are the areas on the farm?  Some areas on the farm are several hundred feet away.   Be careful of cameras that use Wi-Fi for connectivity.   Where as Wi-Fi cameras can only work on or near the house.   Therefore out into the yard and farther away, they are very problematic as Wi-Fi does not have a stable connection the farther, they are away from the source.   I

3. Is there power at the new camera location?  Placing a camera near an 110 outlet or having a outlet near your preferred site can be expensive.  Despite being far away, many cameras are power by network wire that can transmit data and power to the unit.

4. Is there internet at the farm and if there is, how fast is it?  Most systems require an internet connection in order to the view the cameras away from the farm.

5. Do you want moveable PTZ cameras of or fixed/stationary cameras?  It depends upon how large of an area you want to monitor.

Our Top 5 Farm Security Guide is intended to encourage an understanding of what goes into system on a farm.  We hope they help with your planning earlier to ensure you get exactly what you need for your farm.

Other  System Considerations

How much light is available?  Most cameras are now feature infrared LEDs.  Basically, that allows you to see in pure darkness.

What do you want to see?  Therefore if you have a small area, a single camera watching one area is all you need.  If you have a large lot, a PTZ based camera is the better way to go.

How many days of recording do you want?  Most people need at least 30 days of recordings.  That way if something goes unnoticed right away, you have time to do so.

How long do you expect to need a system?  Security for most farms is an ongoing concern.  Purchase a system that was designed for longevity and durability.

Finally, what is your budget?  You get what you pay for.  It really comes down to your needs.  If you have a short term need, don’t overspend on features and durability you do not need.