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Farm Security Cameras Not Designed for The Farm

The cameras you see on the internet for farm security  are not designed for farm use.  They were originally designed by engineers for use by industry and retailers.  While camera installers use the same cameras, there are many required adaptations to make the cameras  suitable for farm use.  A good integrator knows how to adapt inferior security products.

So, what makes a good camera provider vs a bad one?  It depends upon their ability or desire to modify a standard camera systems to work on a farm.

They also understand that the camera systems will need active maintenance to function year after year.   This is where most companies fail.  They prefer to sell systems,  but don’t like the maintenance after the sale.  Many won’t take your call.  This phenomena  is actually an issue for the surveillance  industry as a whole.  Focus on sales with little regard for taking care of customer after the sale.

Many companies sell inferior products.  But they can not afford to support the systems because doing so will burn up resources.   That is why they won’t take your call after the sale.  

The best providers of farm security cameras have years of experience hardening every connection and component.  They have taken standard cameras not designed for the farm and evolved them into very exactly what the farm needs.